Zuken Tempts Engineers with New Year CADSTAR Giveaway

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Zuken is offering electronic engineers who made New Year’s resolutions to try new design software the chance to achieve this now at no cost. The free download of CADSTAR Schematics Design Tool, worth more than $500, will allow the whole design team to instantly explore CADSTAR’s integrated design flow.

Jeroen Leinders, CADSTAR Worldwide Sales Manager, says, “We often speak to electronic engineers who are highly involved in PCB design because of the demands of today’s complex designs. We hope that the full-feature CADSTAR Schematics download will make it quick and easy for engineers to evaluate whether a design tool fits with the way they work.”

The offer runs until March 31, 2016 and comes with:

  • A 68-page tutorial, including movies
  • A permanent license authorized on a MAC address
  • CADSTAR Library Editor software.

CADSTAR Schematic Capture provides a fast, efficient way to capture design intent, rules and constraints for smooth and error-free transition from schematics to PCB layout for product realization. It is easy to learn and use for both occasional and frequent users.

CADSTAR Schematics Options

  • Constraint Browser – The ideal environment for entering and managing even the most complex rules, using a familiar spreadsheet style interface that helps capture and document design intent.
  • Variant Manager – Maintain only one master design that includes all production variants, whether for sets of non-fitted parts or alternate part values.
  • Placement Planner – Provides the design engineer with interactive and automatic placement and checking tools to pre-place critical components and reuse blocks, define track width and spacing constraints, update the layer stack to ensure impedance rules are met, and more.



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