EMA Announces Ultra Librarian for OrCAD

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EMA Design Automation, a full-service provider and innovator of EDA solutions, has just announced Ultra Librarian for OrCAD providing symbols and footprints for over 7 million parts.

“Engineers lose far too much time creating or searching for symbols and footprints,” said Manny Marcano, president of EMA Design Automation. “There are band-aid solutions floating around that are either woefully lacking in parts or they only provide one piece to the puzzle—like a footprint, but not a symbol.  The vast majority of our OrCAD community starts a design with a schematic, so these alternatives were simply not acceptable.”

EMA’s considerable experience with how an OrCAD user works throughout the day has shown that engineers often spend hours and days building schematic symbols and PCB footprints. This effort is often not taken into consideration while scoping project timelines, causing delays and missed milestones. Seeking a solution, EMA created Ultra Librarian for OrCAD as a software plugin making it incredibly easy for the OrCAD user to instantiate a new part on their design. The plugin provides access to a vast cloud-based library of pre-built and validated EDA components, giving engineers confidence that their symbols and footprints are accurate and correctly linked. Having a tight integration within OrCAD Capture eliminates the need to leave the design environment to find or create the part components required to complete the design. With Ultra Librarian for OrCAD, engineers can focus on their design work rather than manually creating each entity that makes up an EDA part.

EMA is currently enlisting select customers to join the early adopter program.  These users will be able to try out the solution and provide feedback on functionality, ease of use, speed, and additional capabilities.

“Symbol and footprint generation has always been a void in the market as EDA vendors have focused on features rather than content,” said Marcano.  “Ultra Librarian for OrCAD fills that gap for our OrCAD customers, providing them with access to the ‘Gold Standard’ for EDA libraries.”

For anyone interested in participating in the early adopter program, go to go.ema-eda.com/UltraLibrarian.  To learn more about EMA go to ema-eda.com or call 585.334.6001.

About EMA Design Automation, Inc.

EMA Design Automation is a trailblazer in product development solutions offering a complete range of EDA tools, PLM integrations, services, training, and technical support.  EMA is a Cadence Channel Partner serving all of North America.  EMA develops Ultra Librarian, TimingDesigner, CircuitSpace, CIP, EDABuilder, and a host of custom solutions to enhance the OrCAD products, and all are distributed through a worldwide network of value added resellers.  EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York.  Visit EMA at ema-eda.com for more information




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