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January 2020

IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Preview

It's IPC APEX EXPO time again and we’re excited to bring the highlights you can expect to see while in San Diego. In this issue, hear from IPC team members Brook Sandy-Smith, Randy Cherry and Chris Mitchell as they weigh in with their insights on what to expect at this year’s show.

September 2018


PCBs are approaching semiconductors with regard to feature sizes. Our experts this month are helping us understand substrate-like PCBs (SLP) and the semi-additive processes  that will help the industry achieve the seemingly impossible.

May 2017

Help is Wanted

Everyone is talking about the graying of our industry and the lack of qualified applicants for jobs, ranging from manufacturing personnel to engineers and even management. Who will take over when we retire?

January 2016

Medical Electronics

We’re providing a thorough work-up for our readers this month, with features that diagnose the current state of the medical electronics segment. From robots and wearables to novel developments in gold metallization processes for neural probes, we’ve got head-to-toe coverage.

October 2013

Automotive and Transportation

Our features this month question whether or not PCB manufacturers should even pursue the automotive electronics market due to design challenges.

April 2021

Focus on Manufacturing

Here in the U.S, there is a push to reinvigorate our manufacturing infrastructure. In this issue, we investigate critical changes, upgrades, and investments needed to strengthen your business: manufacturing, technical, business, and sales.

December 2019

What You Need to Know

What we learned as we put this issue together is that there's a lot you need to know as a printed circuit fabrication professional. We bring you some selected categories of critical PCB fabrication expertise.

August 2018


Has the definition of reliability changed, and if so, why? What is driving this change? Reliability is critical, and the industry wants to deliver. This month, our experts provide their perspective on the evolution of reliability across sectors.

April 2017

High-Speed Materials

Do we really need more speed in our connections? If we want autonomous cars, intelligent robotics, extended IoT, then we must press forward with the development of high-speed materials. Our contributors this month examine our industry’s need for speed.

December 2015

Associations: The Global Connection

Our final issue of 2015 is a view into various global associations that help our industry function and thrive. In their own words, top executives from around the world are on hand to provide an insider’s perspective of the who, what, where, when and why of their organizations.

November 2013

Military and Aerospace

We demystify the often complex world of military electronics and DoD spending, demonstrate the utility of applications engineering to design and manufacturing of PCBs and explore the intersection of unmanned vehicles and electronics technology.

March 2021

The Future of PCBs in Transportation

Transportation applications will be an active area of innovation in the coming years, as development continues in miniaturization, power management, environmental robustness and infrastructure. Strap in while we explore PCBs in transportation.

November 2019

From My Perspective

In this issue, we update your prescription, clarify your vision of the industry, and bring your own perspective into view with a variety of interviews, columns and articles. Polish up your reading glasses and examine the stories inside.

July 2018

Solder Mask

With all the elements that can now affect the solder mask—finer features, higher-temperature solders, final finishes, direct imaging, inkjet—it’s high time to give this final fabrication process a little more attention.

March 2017

The Wide World of Flex

This month, we’re talking flexible circuits, including  all the variations of same, which is why we’re calling this issue “The Wide World of Flex.” The world of flex  is broad—and it’s rapidly getting wider!

November 2015

The Data Factor(y): The Power of Data

Feature articles this month explore and explain why data is important, how to gather it (Internet of Things, for starters), and what exactly you can do with it once you’ve got it.

December 2013

The (PCB) World According to Our Columnists

This month, our feature columnists are explor-ing their various areas of expertise in the PCB industry by taking a look back, and forward, to where the industry is headed both domestically and globally.

February 2021

Get Smart About Your Processes

In this issue, we preview the program and schedules for the upcoming virtual IPC APEX EXPO, as well as continue our exploration of “X = Xc ­– 1” continuous improvement by getting smart about process efficiencies.

October 2019

The Changing Landscape

This issue considers the current, ever-changing landscape of our industry, from global economics to emerging technologies and processes that may change how the manufacturing floor operates. With automotive electronics leading us down the road, don't find yourself asleep at the wheel.

June 2018

Wet Processing Trends 2018

Much like the ubiquitous rubber ducky, it seems that PCB manufacturing has not changed much through the decades, but what has changed is the required precision of those steps to achieve ever finer features at ever higher quality and reliability.

February 2017

New Technologies

As technology moves increasingly faster, so do our equipment, materials and chemistry suppliers to help us to enable that next greatest invention. Are you ready for the next thing, to keep pushing forward? This month, our contributors shed a little light on that path forward. Meet the future!

October 2015

Cycle Time Reduction

This month we are paying attention to cycle time and the many ways to reduce it in your process—whatever your process may be. From automation to value stream mapping to lean six-sigma, our contributors have it covered.

December 2014

Outlook for 2015

The December issue is our end of year wrap up with an eye on 2015: What's on the horizon for the fab industry, at home and abroad?

January 2021

Continuous Improvement

As we start the new year—what we are calling the year of continuous improvement—it's good to begin with this simple process improvement formula: X = Xc – 1.

September 2019

Industry Standards

The process of reaching agreements when creating standards can be a long, arduous road to travel. In this issue, we report on recent developments in current and emerging standards and take a step back to discuss some of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of standards processes.

May 2018

Connecting at the Speed of 5G

What truly defines 5G, as compared to 4G and 3G? As the children say on road trips, are we there yet? Find out what is here, and what’s on the horizon for the industry and the world when it comes to the dawn of the 5G era.

January 2017

Plating and Surface Finishes

This month, our experts weigh in on new processes, the tried-and-true old processes, R&D, and how to go about choosing the right process from among all those available today.

September 2015

Cars: A Driving Force in the Electronics Industry

Electronics in automobiles is increasing exponentially. We get under the hood and examine the proliferation of electronics in cars, what it’s like to be a supplier of PCBs destined for the automotive market, and where it is headed.

November 2014

Medical Electronics

This month, industry experts from Starfish Medical, Dyconex AG, Micro Systems Tech., & Nypro discuss the latest progress in medical applications for PCBs.

December 2020

Hiring and Training

In this issue, we consider the perspective of the employer, the seasoned technical professional, and the new-hire engineer. How do these three groups best combine to fill the skills gap that our industry faces?

August 2019

Wet Processing

In this issue, we explore the processes and chemistries that make up traditional subtractive etch and plate. We also investigate the confluence of smaller dimensions, reduced pollution, higher throughput, and improved reliability...

April 2018

Automotive Electronics... and More!

From autonomous vehicles to e-textiles to automotive standards, our contributors take a look under the hood and kick the tires this month to bring the rapidly evolving world of automotive electronics into perspective. 

December 2016

Sales & Marketing

Our feature contributors have plenty to say this month, including thought-provoking ideas and unique perspectives they’ve accumulated in the quest for successful sales and marketing strategies. We open this issue with results of our monthly survey on the topic at hand, and a breakdown of the responses.

August 2015

The War on Process Failure

This month, we take on failure, and a few industry experts are on hand to back us up! Topics range from the power of systems when combating failure and how supplier improvement drives product improve-ment, to avoiding circuit failure in high-rel applications and the copper plating process.

October 2014

End Markets for PCBs

This month: end markets for PCBs! From the future of the domestic mil/aero market (looking good!) to wearables, automobiles, very thin PCBs for smartphones, and more!

November 2020

Vias and Plating

Higher speeds and smaller densities increasingly require different materials, there are smaller fabrication dimensions, and higher aspect ratios in multilayers force the specialization of plating chemistries, too. How does a fabricator choose new chemistry?

July 2019


Our industry is embarking on a new age of technical development to achieve much higher levels of overall reliability that will be required of the devices we fabricate.

March 2018

New Technology

No doubt, new technology seems to be launching daily, from inspection systems to photoresist processes. How can we keep up? How can we even maintain? What’s coming next  next and how can we best prepare, to stay in the game?

November 2016

Vias and More Vias!

Blind, buried, landless…IPC defines no less than seven type of vias. This month, our experts shed light on the many different types of vias, their functions, and the various challenges associated with them.

July 2015

Supply Chain Management

This month, The PCB Magazine takes an in-depth view of the supply chain—from various approaches to making it work for you, to what history has shown about its many iterations, and how some suppliers are setting the bar very high for the future of supply chain management.

September 2014

New Concepts and Emerging Technologies for PCB Fabrication

LPKF, Optomec and Transline Technology explore up and coming technologies for PCB fabrication, layout and more.

October 2020

Roadmaps: Into the Future

I-Connect007 has been exploring the effect of roadmaps on business planning and operations. We conclude our three-part coverage of the IEEE Heterogenous Integration Roadmap and we explore roadmapping as a tactical tool, not only a long-range strategic plan.

June 2019

Everything Starts With Design

The design team’s files and the accompanying documentation is the real-world implementation plan to turn the OEM’s concepts and marketing research into a viable, physical, competitive product, this is where it all starts!

February 2018

Who is YOUR Customer?

Who is your customer? Isn’t it more than that person who buys something from you or your company? After all, aren’t the tables turned when you request something from that “customer?” Aren’t you then the customer? Find out what our experts think this month. The answers may surprise you!

October 2016


Everyone has the chance to benefit from the wealth of experiences our contributors—leaders in the industry—are sharing this month, from real-world examples of leadership, to principles that have stood the test of time.

June 2015

Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable

This month, a comprehensive view of the scope of flex circuit technology is presented in features from OM Group, Multek, DuPont, ESI, and more.

August 2014

Printed Electronics

What is the story with printed electronics? Where have they been and where are they going? Most importantly, how are they being used in today’s market?

September 2020

The Four Pillars of Manufacturing

For this issue, we identified four manufacturing pillars: revenue, supply chain, workforce, and technology, we examine how these four pillars as strategies affect the manufacturing floor.

May 2019


How do current materials stack up? We find out. First, we lay down some high-level perspective on materials, megatrends in materials, and economic forces at play in the market. Then, we layer in specifics with materials manufacturers in this our materials issue.

January 2018

New Equipment

As equipment gets more sophisticated and costly, determining equipment needs has become far more complicated. Choosing wisely--and correctly anticipating your and the market’s needs--has never been more critical.

September 2016

Military and Aerospace

Participating in the military and aerospace industries is not for the faint of heart, nor for those lacking persistence or looking for the quick project or sale. Our feature contributors this month, which include several of our regular columnists, provide valuable insight on the mil/aero market and what is required to be in the game.

May 2015

Plating & Etching

This month, features from Michael Carano, (Carano & Associates), a team from Dow Chemicals Company, and George Milad (Uyemura) share their perspectives on plating and etching issues.

July 2014

Embedded Components

This month, The PCB Magazine feature contributors take an in-depth look at embedded components, including our cover story by EIPC’s Michael Weinhold:Device Embedding in PCBs: Evolution or Revolution

August 2020


Leadership is the foundation of a successful business. There's an art/philosophy to it, but there's also a science/method to leadership. In this issue, we explore both sides of leadership and its impact in the electronics industry and beyond.

April 2019

New Talent in the PCB Industry

As the electronics industry works to overcome an impending staffing and skills shortage, it will be the youth who will rise to the challenge, build on the work of the current industry experts, and move technology into a higher orbit.

December 2017

Thermal Management

Increasing consumer demands for high-performance and the need for high-reliability in sectors such as automotive, LED lighting, and renewable energy mean that thermal management is now front and center on the priority list for PCB manufacturing.

August 2016

Voices of the Industry

Welcome to this month’s topic—Voices of the Industry—otherwise known as YOU! We’ve surveyed readers, including engineers, fabricators, technologists, CEOs, and others... to find out exactly what’s on their mind when it comes to today’s electronics manufacturing industry.

April 2015

HDI: High-Density Interconnects

This month, HDI gets the scrutiny of industrial professionals from TTM Technologies, Multek, and Gardien Services, who discuss the challenges of ultra-thin HDI PCB manufacturing, and how HDI relates to the Internet of Things (IoT) and substrate test fixtures.

June 2014

Flex Circuitry

This month, The PCB Magazine features industry experts who discuss all things flex: from substrates to hybrid stretchable circuits to 3D packaging tools and more! Don’t miss it!

November 2021

Test and Inspection

With new inspection technologies and methods, along with AI and advancing data collection, fabricators have new options to consider in their inspection practices. In this issue we look at how new capabilities drive on-floor best practices, and how new best practices are influencing equipment design.

July 2020

Rethinking Manufacturing

During the COVID-19 outbreak, market dynamics may be changing the calculus on regional and captive fabrication and capital investment. Businesses throughout the industry are rethinking their manufacturing, cybersecurity, and supply chain strategies.

March 2019

Smart Factories

The acceptance of smart factories is a global movement across multiple industries. In electronics manufacturing specifically, China seems to be a key leader in the move to Industry 4.0.

November 2017

HDI: Today, Tomorrow and the Future

This month, we cover the wide-ranging topic of HDI: from the latest technology developments and manufacturing challenges, to HDI strategies that include design, fabrication, and assembly perspectives.

July 2016

Inspection and Test

There’s more to test and inspection than the latest and greatest AOI and electrical test equipment. This month, feature contributors from Orbotech, Gardien Services, Uyemura, and more, examine various testing methods that go into ensuring great product.

March 2015


This month, feature contributors from Isola, Ventec, OMG and Spirit Circuits examine the range of materials for multiple applications, including flame retardancy, high-speed designs, reliability testing and LED applications.

May 2014

Plating and Etching

This month, we bring you a line-up of experts who explore both common and unique plating & etching issues, techniques and challenges.

October 2021

The CapEx Issue

We started out planning this issue with one central question in mind: What are the best CapEx strategies for PCB fabricators? Are your plans guided by your need to add capacity, or do you want to up your technology game so you can expand into new markets?

June 2020

Are We Back to TQM?

All of the 12 people on the front cover this month’s issue were influential in promoting total quality management. In this issue, we discuss TQM as a means to manage change and continuous improvement in your business.

February 2019

Selling Strategies With Focus

Things are changing in our industry, so is it any surprise that how you sell your services is changing too? If your sales approach seems out of focus, then join us as we look at some successful PCB selling and marketing strategies.

October 2017

Current Trends in Signal Integrity

As board features get smaller, as speeds get faster, and as more is expected from everyone in the supply chain, signal integrity should have everyone’s attention. This month, our experts explain why.

June 2016

Fine Features

Fine features are the topic this month, and our industry experts are on hand to discuss issues ranging from landless vias to laser direct imaging and high throw electroless copper for very small holes and blind vias.

February 2015

Surface Finishes

This month, industry experts from OMG Electronic Chemicals, Uyemura, Atotech and the University of Leicester are on hand to dive deep into surface finishes, from OSPs for mixed-metal finishes to cutting-edge high-reliability surface finishes.

April 2014


This month, the realm of HDI is explored, with features that delve into the issue of high-layer count multilayers, reliability, pinless registration & even bridging the divide between design & fabrication. Plus: IPC APEX EXPO show coverage!

September 2021

Streamlining the Process

When it comes to overall business health and efficiency, a central activity is streamlining processes. While there is no one roadmap for every organization, the end goal is the same. How do you structure—and simplify—your own optimized business operations? 

May 2020

What Are Your Priorities Now?

In the blink of an eye, priorities can change. In January 2020, the industry was enjoying a sustained growth path, but that was a very different 2020 than the one we live in today. In this issue, we explore how priorities have changed.

January 2019

Supply Chain: The Ripple Effect

Understanding the ripple effects in the electronics supply chain will be key to manage the supply chain crisis and keep your fabrication facility running smoothly.

September 2017

Process Engineering

This month, we’re revisiting process engineering from the perspective of industry veterans with direct experience and who know what they’re talking about. Read what it’s all about, discover new techniques, gain fresh insights, and learn true appreciation for process engineeers, the backbone of PCB manufacturing.

May 2016

Strategies to Reduce Handling Errors

Handling and people-related mistakes and defects are always a concern in manufacturing. What's the answer? Is it automation? A little of both?

January 2015

3D Printing & Structural Electronics

3D printing is happening, and it’s happening fast. What does this mean for PCB manufacturing and structural electronics? Find out this month in The PCB Magazine!

March 2014


It’s March materials madness in The PCB Magazine, with comprehensive coverage of materials, including features from leading experts at  Ventec, Celestica, FTG, Rogers, Isolaand an IPC APEX EXPO pre-show guide!

August 2021

DFM: From a Fabricator Point of View

This month, we asked a variety of contributors to flip DFM around. What does DFM mean from the point of view of the fabricator? Should PCB fabricators share more information about their technology capabilities? What are the fabricators’ responsibilities in this delicate dance? 

April 2020

The Impact of COVID-19

The electronics manufacturing industry moves to the center of the response to a viral threat while individuals find new ways to work safely. This issue of PCB007 Magazine brings you select news and updates on how our industry is responding and contributing to this fight.

December 2018

IPC APEX EXPO 2019 Preview

In this issue, we provide a preview of the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2019 events, exhibitions, new technologies, awards, competitions, and standards work. So, relax and make your travel plans as we give you the big reveal!

August 2017

Process Step Elimination & Automation

Exactly what defines process step elimination and/or automation? So many possibilities! Does it include reducing the number of steps in manufacturing a PCB? Eliminating queue times, inspection or cleaning steps?

April 2016

Process Engineering and Troubleshooting

Process engineers (and PE types) are the worker bees of the industry. Our experts this month bring first-hand knowledge of the phenomenon known as process engineering.

July 2013

New Interconnects

This month, The PCB Magazine looks to the horizon at new and emerging interconnects, with features by BPA and Ormet, along with a comprehensive collaboration between nScrypt and the University of Texas, El Paso. 

February 2014


This month, The PCB Magazine brings the ins and outs of CAD/CAM especially for fabricators to the forefront with feature articles from the industry’s top experts.

July 2021

Inflation—Supply and Demand

As the world emerges from pandemic disruptions, we find that market balances have changed. In this issue we look at the conditions that are shifting supply lines as well as product costs.

March 2020

Profitability Is a Choice

Today, there are still opportunities left in the PCB fabrication business to regain profit margin—some large and systemic, others small and incremental. One must make the choice to think differently about the business–and processes–to restore profitability.

November 2018

Medical Technologies

Of the driving forces in the PCB manufacturing marketplace today, one major contributor is medical device technology as it influences materials, components, manufacturing techniques, and procurement. In this issue, we investigate innovations surrounding the medical sector.

July 2017

Military & Aerospace

The present and future challenges of mil/aero electronics are covered from A to Zentech this month, from the DoD budget to the new cyber-security regulations, and of course, reliability issues, it’s all included.

March 2016

Increasing Profit

In this highly competitive industry of ours, where material costs squeeze from one side, and customers squeeze from the other, what is the answer to increasing profits? This month, our contributors offer strategies that we think will both surprise and enlighten!

August 2013

Standards and Regulations

Navigating the industry’s standards and regulations can be a lot like surfing a killer wave: One misstep and you could wipe out!

January 2014

Surface Finishes

This month, The PCB Magazine brings surface finishes to the forefront with feature articles from the industry’s top experts. Plus, special content from productronica 2013!

June 2021

Just Ask...

This month, with our “Just Ask…” issue, we bring in the experts. We opened a virtual Q&A session where you asked the questions, and we lined up the experts to answer them. Questions range from global and strategic, to tactical and technical.

February 2020

Digital Factory Benefits

There need to be benefits to any change—and transforming the manufacturing floor into a digital factory is a big change indeed! Learn some of the advantages that can be realized as new Industry 4.0 capabilities become available.

October 2018

GreenSource Fabrication: Redefining Automation

GreenSource Fabrication, a New Hampshire division of Whelen Engineering, is rolling out an expanded facility that can claim to be the most advanced automated PCB facility in North America. It’s also zero waste and zero effluent.

June 2017

Embedded Components

Embedded technology seems finally to be coming into its own—thanks to Moore’s Law and the ever-pressing need for more real estate on the circuit board surface. No longer just for the odd, expensive military product, buried components can be found truly all around us!


February 2016

What's New in PCB Fabrication?

We’ve covered it from top to bottom this month—what’s brand new in the world of PCB fabrication and what’s on the horizon for our industry.

September 2013

Flex and Rigid-flex

This month, The PCB Magazine presents the many sides of flex and rigid-flex circuits, which have  myriad applications in just about every sector of the electronics industry.

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