One World, One Industry: Opportunities Abound for Learning at IPC

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It’s fall, and students are heading back to school. Will you be joining them? IPC offers many opportunities for continuous learning, enabling you to enrich your career and increase your value to your company.

Courses on IPC’s online learning platform, IPC EDGE, are created by subject-matter experts who respond to the requests from members of the electronics industry by providing video presentations, clear text, detailed instructions, interactive activities, and practice quizzes designed to make even the most complex industry topics easy to understand and master.

The Certified Electronics Program Manager (CEPM) program, which is one popular IPC course, is designed to provide the tools and training needed to ensure clients for life. From the big picture to the smallest detail, program management is a must for success. This new, instructor-led online course combines the educational benefits of live instruction and group discussions with the flexibility and cost savings of e-learning.

If your focus is on IPC standards, the Certified Standards Expert (CSE) course might be a better choice. The CSE is an organization’s subject-matter professional with a high level of knowledge and understanding of a specific IPC standard or group of standards. The CSE course differs from that of the CIT in that a CIT is expected to train others, whereas a CSE is an internal subject-matter expert.

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